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Are Content Sites All the Same? What Makes One Site Stand Out from the Rest?

There has been a lot of news regarding content sites during the past 12 months. Some good and some not so good! We’ve heard about leaks of private information and what can possibly be termed as ‘preferential’ treatment for some of the top earners.

I asked a few of my models what they thought about the current wave of content sites and to be honest, the majority were not overly impressed. Some thought the charges were too high, others felt their content might not be totally safe.

Is qrush really the best content site to hit our screens?

You can imagine my delight when I was introduced to qrush! It’s the latest, greatest content site designed and built with creators in mind. Yes, qrush has coined the term creators, rather than content providers (which I think is certainly way sexier).

qrush sits sublimely on your phone (or your PC), ready to accept your updates, your saucy pics, and capture those special, ‘must share’ moments. Then with a simple click, you can add them to your creator account, sit back and watch the $’s roll in.

So, what about if the same app allowed you to get paid for providing a DM service which puts you directly in touch with your fans? Imagine if you could also provide PPV pictures and videos. How cool would it be if you could also video chat with those same fans, and accept tips from them using your smart phone? All this, whilst still retaining your privacy. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Not any longer!

The absolute best way to earn money direct from your smart phone – it’s qrush every time!

Inside qrush

I recently got together (virtually of course) with the creator and CEO of qrush ‘Jim Austin’ and got some insider knowledge about the service and its history.

How did qrush come about?

“I created qrush because I knew that content creators needed a new home for their content and fans. The sudden explosion of content sites is a result of the change in behaviour from both creators and buyers. The younger demographic is demanding more personal interaction and the real girlfriend experience and qrush is the perfect platform for that interaction”.

What makes qrush different from other content sites?

“qrush has so many unique features it’s really hard to pick where to start. First off, we have a user referral where our creators receive 25% commission when their members spend on other creators on qrush. Another great feature is that content creators no longer have to juggle free and private accounts like on other platforms, on qrush its all combined on one main profile.

I’m especially proud of our creator success team which is available 24/7 on live chat and has already helped 100’s of creators get started and making money”.

How do creators advertise their qrush profile?

“We have a public feed which showcases all of our creators’ public content to all our guest users and qrush members. This is a great way for our content creators to gain new followers. We also promote all our creators on our social media profiles and reddit”.

Do you have any restrictions on the kind of models or creators you accept on the site?

“No we do not, we accept both amateur and professional content creators from all niches and genders”.

How can you guarantee the safety and privacy of the creators interacting with their fans?

Guarantee is a big word, unfortunately on the internet piracy and content stealing is rife. That being said, we encrypt all of our creators documents and we are in the process of digitally watermarking all their content”.

You mentioned ‘Vanity Link’ to me, can you explain what that means in a little more detail?

“Sure, every approved creator on qrush is given a “vanity link” in the form of In this way the creator’s name appears before the site URL, unlike most sites. It puts the creators in the spotlight and not the platform. Creator’s then go ahead and share their vanity link on all their social media profiles to drive traffic to their profile. All traffic that arrives via the vanity link is considered direct traffic, which means maximum pay out and user commission when that user spends elsewhere on the site”.

How safe is the content that creators load onto your site?

“We have anti-piracy tools in place to protect the creator’s content and we assist in takedowns when we see that content has been stolen”.

Can you give me 3 words which describe qrush in a nutshell?

“qrush converts traffic”

So, how do you become a creator on qrush?

“That’s really easy, just go to and click on “Become a Creator”, accounts are approved in under 5 minutes and our support team is live 24/7 to assist”.

Well, I can tell you that it’s really easy! I was given special privileges to sign up on behalf of all my lovely models and readers to get a first-hand experience of the service.

I can confirm, they have an amazing, responsive team who are available on the site (via the chat) 24/7. They also provide an excellent email service, detailing your progress for the sign-up process.

They’re also great listeners, so if you have any questions or comments about the service, they’re only too happy to accept feedback.

I for one, can’t wait to get as many of my lovely models signed up, especially as qrush are currently offering an amazing deal for new sign ups.

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