June Liu Top Creator

Although June Liu looks like she is the most shy and innocent girl you’ve ever met, don’t be fooled. With almost 65k followers and her rapid rise to the top on Swag.live, her placement in the top 10 on the Leaderboard is well deserved.

She has incredible curves and the most peachy ass you’ve ever seen. Her long, dark hair cascades over her butt cheeks like an erotic waterfall, that you want to dive straight into.

One of June’s specialities is to give the perfect blowjob. As soon as she parts her lips and wraps them around your cock, you’ll know you are in for an explosive time. She’ll make your balls ache within moments and make sure that she brings you to the brink again and again.

June also loves to give Dick Ratings and custom videos for anyone polite enough to ask in a Private Message. You can ask her anything on Swag.live as long as you are respectful and courteous. If you are rude and disrespectful, you can expect the price to be very high indeed.

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