Lexii Rose

Lexii was definitely, placed on this earth to rock your boat! She has one of the most amazing personalities and once you’ve met her, you’ll never forget it!

She is an all-natural, stunning, size 14 beauty with deliciously squishy 36G tits. The first time I laid eyes on her, I was blown away by her big personality. She’s definitely a keeper and once you’ve hooked up with her, there’s no going back.

I was interested to find out what made her so interested in becoming a Cam Model.

“I’m naturally fun loving and very flirty, so it’s an ideal match for me. I can be your perfect secret girlfriend and I can relate to all the kinky stuff you dream about every single night”.

She challenged me to find her double piercing when we met recently. To be fair, I already had a head start in locating it having cammed with her already. However, I was more than happy to find it once again but this time with my eyes shut!

Why don’t you join the challenge and ask Lexii where it’s located? You can find her here most days giving directions and making everyone happy.

What are you waiting for?

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