Mellie D

There was a time when the lovely Mellie D offered to donate me some of her gorgeous bosoms. Unfortunately for me, however hard she tried to squeeze some of them into mine, it had little effect.

Such a shame as we had agreed that she wasn’t going to miss a small part of her natural 36JJ’s.

Mellie D really is the most shapely BBW you will ever see. Her curves are to die for and every single part of her body is sexy and very moreish.

She has appeared in many Adult Shows, magazines and given lots of pleasure over the years (as well as receiving plenty).

You may not know that she is also an amazing rock guitarist, an axe thrower, photographer, rock chick and Inked Fetish Model. Quite an incredible package.

You can get the full handle by joining her, up close and personal.

I hope to be back again very soon with her full confessional. Can’t wait!

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