Miss Kriss Top GFE

Miss Kriss Introducing the Ultimate GFE

Miss Kriss, otherwise known as Dasha has an exquisite, natural beauty. She is naturally submissive and at her happiest when she is being told what to do. Being dominated makes her hot and she would be your perfect secret plaything. You can find her on Swag.live and always ready to make your day much brighter and certainly hotter!

Pleasure Storm

Her long, fair hair and incredible silky skin will certainly give your eyes an absolute pleasure storm. Check out her incredibly sexy butt from every angle and see just how beautifully sexy it is.

Imagine having your own secret girlfriend to tease and squeeze until she explodes. The more instructions you give her, the hotter and wetter she’ll become.

Dasha also likes to explore different fetishes, so why not PM her with your request. I’m sure a generous tip will help decide.

Tipping always helps perfect your ideal Girlfriend experience, every single time.

Get to know her right away on Swag.live

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