Tammy Oldham

Tammy has been in the adult industry since 2001 and was amongst the first of the TV babes that I had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh. And yes, I literally mean in the flesh. She was wearing little more than a pair of tiny panties and zooming around the set of Sexstation.

Her energy is boundless and she was definitely the first porn star I ever interviewed while she was in the middle of performing hard core porn.

We’ve remained friends ever since and I’m more than happy to confirm that she still loves to indulge her fans with performances on cam whenever she can.

Needless to say, it’s no holds barred with Tammy. Whatever your fantasy, however dirty you want her to be, she’ll always take you to the next level.

Get a little taster right away before she bears even more in her ultimate confessional.


Are you ready for her absolute filth?

Love Carla x

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