Amber Phoenix Cam Model

Amber Phoenix Cam Model has risen from the flames to set your heart on fire. She is a strong, tattooed warrior, who likes to keep fit. I wonder if you can keep up with her or whether you’ll submit to her passion and desire within minutes of being in her presence!

I first met Phoenix while she was camming with the gorgeous Miss Roxy Bardot and to be honest, it really was a sight to behold.

She told me she is a part-time PT and although she has a waiting list, I want to be right near the top. Although I do think it would be difficult keeping my eyes off her sexy curves and amazing body.

Would you like to see her pole dance before your very eyes?

Ask her to gyrate for you and I’m sure with a little persuasion (and maybe even tips), she’ll wiggle her booty and slide her long, long legs up and down your pole!

Get up close and personal with Amber Phoenix right here.

Enjoy the show and come back soon when I get the full confessional from Phoenix.

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