Confessions of a Cam Model – Bridgette

I was in a bar one night, relaxing with my girlfriend and these 2 guys show up. Soon after they arrived, they came over and asked if they can buy us a drink. We start chatting to them, all innocent like. A little while later, my girlfriend mentions she needs to leave to go to work. Without thinking, she blurts out that we are cam girls. One of the guys immediately starts giving abuse, accusing us both of being slags etc.

We pick up our stuff and leave at the first opportunity, thankful that things hadn’t turned too nasty. During the following week (as anyone that knows me is something I do often) I dye my hair from being a blonde. A few days later, this guy pops up on the main cam site I work on and I’m sure I recognize him as being one of the guys in the bar but as I’m now a brunette, he doesn’t recognize me. Let’s just say, I make the most of the situation, reel him in, end up giving him the show of his life, and after of course, he tipped me $$$. My win!

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