Willow Bouvier Confessions of a Cam Model

When I asked Willow Bouvier to describe herself in just 3 words, she said “Seductive, Addictive and Intelligent”. A very powerful combination and definitely one I love to indulge in.

So, what about the nitty gritty of everyday Cam and how she has managed to build her career over the past 8 years?

I started camming about 8 years ago. It was only on a part-time basis as I had a full-time job back then. A couple of years back I began to define my role on Cam. I started to take a strong interest in more niche genres. I spent a lot of time learning about Fetishes (especially FemDom). It’s now become a full time job for me, which is fab”!

My new Lighting Set is as important as my Strap-On

As a full-time cam model, I imagine that you spend a fair amount of time, effort and money on your career. Do you think it’s really necessary to do that, or can you just get by with the basics?

I think the most important aspect of being your own boss and working for yourself, is understanding that you do have to put in a lot of work and effort to reap the rewards.

You asked me what kind of things do I buy – I think it would be easier if I said what I didn’t buy lol.

Every single day, I’m looking at perfecting my equipment and buying new stuff. Like top of the range webcams, daylight bulbs (I much prefer daylight – its way more flattering), laptops, lighting sets and ring lights.

On top of that there’s the Sex Toys, Strap-Ons, Chastity Devices and suchlike. I like to always wear beautiful, expensive lingerie and sometimes, stockings and heels. I love Wet-Look Clothing, Leather and Crop-Tops.

As you can imagine, it’s not a cheap career. That’s one of the main reasons why I don’t like Men who think I’m cheap and easily bought”!

How do you make the distinction between ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ Life?

I try not to work every day and will often wind down by cooking a nice meal and reading a book. I’m a bit of a workaholic and that’s one of the reasons I don’t often work late nights. Pre-Pandemic, winding down would often involve brunches or drinks with friends. I can‘t wait to have that back”.

How to Earn $1700 in an Hour

What would you say is your greatest asset as a Cam Model and how have you benefitted?

I appreciate intelligence and respect. A good conversation is always a good way to start. I don’t start shouting people down when they come into my room. It’s better for them to think of me more as a sensually dominant seductress. Then I can reel them in and make them fall deeper and deeper, with each session.

My absolute favourite, is driving boys to desperation with teasing, sometimes nude, Body Worship. It’s great to see them beg – I love to edge them to the point where, even a glimpse of my nipple will be enough to send them over the edge.

I once drained $1,700 dollars from a guy in an hour. Drinks were certainly on me that evening! He pops up a few times per year but for obvious reasons, isn’t a frequent customer”!

I think I’m going to need to get a more in-depth look at how Willow Bouvier uses her edging techniques, so have arranged another insider chat with her.

Come back soon where she reveals much more and offers a few special surprises as well.


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