Miss Louise Kay

Miss Louise Kay is an expert in making you wonder how you’ve managed to survive all this time without her. When I first met her, I was overwhelmed by her slender figure and her tanned body. I spent an age discovering each and every single one of her tattoos.

I don’t mind admitting to you that she also taught me an awful lot about the discreet world of camming. She was so different to the big boobed, blonde ‘porn stars’ I’d met before. Her world is the essence of what a Real Cam Girlfriend Experience is really meant to be!

She is SUPER NAUGHTY and says it’s all down to the fact that she is an ‘Essex Girl’ (which means she was born to love filth).

Tell her your innermost secret fantasy and you’ll be living it in full HD, C2C and for your eyes only!

Join her on Cam here

Come back soon when Miss Louise Kay will be telling all for Carla’s Top Confessions!

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