Confessions of a Cam Model – Amber Phoenix

Amber is a newbie to camming but when you see her in action, you’d never believe it! She knows exactly how to work her body for your pleasure (and mine).

I wanted to find out a little bit more about what really goes on while she cams and why guys (and girls) enjoy their sessions with her so much.

When I first met her she was wearing nothing but a smile. I asked her if she spent much of her time naked and how it affected her heating bill.

Hot Hard Nipples

There’s one thing you totally appreciate when you start camming and that’s comfort and warmth. I’d much rather my nipples got hard because I’m turned on, than because I’m freezing cold. You need to feel comfy and totally at ease wherever you are camming. It’s no good trying to create a special time with someone on cam if you are forever thinking someone is going to arrive unexpectedly”.

I wondered what kind of clothes she wore (when she wasn’t getting naked of course).

Cosplay and Roleplay

I love all kinds of lingerie, they definitely get me in the right kind of mood but sometimes I end up having a session wearing my every day clothes. It all depends upon what the other person wants and how they feel. I do have a lot of really cute outfits as well. I love dressing up! Cosplay and Roleplay are amongst my faves, especially if it includes playing with toys as well”.

I asked Amber to describe herself in 3 words.

Oh that’s easy, I’m Fun, Outrageous and Alternative”.

Just before I let her get back to all her waiting fans, it was time for her confessional.

Poison Ivy

I was all dressed up as Poison Ivy one of my favourite characters. I wasn’t too sure what the guy was into so I kinda took the lead. There was an old-fashioned student desk in the room and so I decided to mix things up a little. I lifted the lid and took out my ready prepared squirting dildo. I heard the guys breath quicken and so I knew he liked what he was seeing.

Then I had so much fun with the dildo over and on the desk, it was incredible.

The guy thought so too as he gave me a really nice tip”.

You can get down and dirty with Amber whenever you feel the need.

Don’t forget to let her know exactly what turns you on and then simply lay back and ENJOY!

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