Miss Roxy Bardot

I recall the first time I saw Miss Roxy Bardot and was completely blown away by her unique look. Natural and stunning at the same time! She was a brunette then and although her hair colour has changed quite dramatically, those sexy eyes of hers, still shine through. They are capable of making you perform for her every desire!

I had a good, long session with her just recently (yes, she is as sensual as she looks) and asked her a few in-depth questions about her career in Camming.

Miss Roxy doesn’t always Cam on her own, she also cams with other models, both female and male. I asked her if she had a preference ….

I really don’t mind either to be honest. As long as they are easy going and I feel comfortable being with them. I’ve got some amazing cam relationships and I really enjoy the time we spend together being intimate”.

When I asked her to describe herself in just 3 words, she said “Dominatrix, Kinky and Filthy”

To be honest, I can think of a few more to describe her which I’ll be putting to her in very intimate detail a little later on 😊

You can find Miss Roxy Bardot performing the ultimate Boss Bitch Sex Shows, being a Sexy Cruel Mistress who absolutely adores humiliating and manipulating you right here


Dare you submit yourself to her pleasure?

I did and it was AMAZING …..

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