Carla’s Bedtime Story

Before we start I want you to make sure you are fully relaxed and ready to enjoy my bedtime story. It doesn’t really matter if you aren’t in bed but you should probably make sure you won’t be disturbed. Before very long, you’re going to be throbbing with every word that comes out of my mouth and slides its way down to my fingertips and onto the page. You’re going to feel the pulsing of your cock as it grows and grows, the longer you allow yourself to indulge in my bedtime pleasures.

I want you to imagine that your hand is my hand. It’s soft and delicate, with nails long enough to gently scrape the shaft. You can take hold of your cock now and slide your hand gently from the base to the very tip. Close your eyes and just listen to my voice and feel me gently sliding my fingers up and down. Are your balls beginning to swell? Can you feel your cock getting harder?

I can feel it starting to throb in my hand. My tongue is itching to lick the very tip. I want to pull down so the skin is nice and tight and then drop the tiniest bit of spit on the tip. Just to tease it and make it jump to attention. Mmm that’s better, I’m going to make it nice and wet before I place my lips around the head and suck on it really hard.

I can feel it pulsing in my mouth. It’s growing bigger and bigger. It’s creeping further and further into my mouth. My nails are now scraping up and down the length and gently pinching your balls. Every time you think I’m going to take your whole cock into my mouth, I stop and cup your balls. I pinch them ever so gently and then squeeze them both into my palm.

My grip is getting harder and harder. I’m pumping your cock with my hand and the tip is going in and out of my mouth. Your balls are at bursting point and your cock is so hard – it’s straining to explode. Harder and faster ….. my fingers are squeezing the shaft of your cock, moving up and down. My tongue is lapping away at the head, every now and then sucking it deep into my mouth. You can feel it slipping in between my lips, searching for my tongue, reaching the back of my throat.

You’re ready now aren’t you? Ready to shoot your load all over my juicy lips, spraying my wet tongue and squirting deep into my throat. Hold on to it really tightly and pump it. Come on, fuck it harder and faster, feel your balls about to burst, feel my hand around your cock, feel my mouth taking it all in. Come on then …… mmmmm give it all to me right now. Oh yesss

What a pleasure that was! And now it’s time for bed, sleep tight lover. Until next time.

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Love Carla x

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