Shaving Delights

Hi there baby, welcome to my boudoir. I’ve got a real treat in store for you. I have got the most incredible shaved pussy and I like to make sure that it stays that way. So, I shave at least once a day and you are just in time for it now. I’ve already got the water ready and my special shaving cream.

Guys love my pussy because it’s shaved, you can see everything, I mean absolutely everything. Well, it certainly saves having to fight your way through lots of hair. That’s fine of course if you are into hirsute but I’m not.

I’ve kept it silky smooth ever since I was in my teens. I do occasionally treat myself to a waxing. It does save time especially during the summer when I want to just shower and leave my pussy bare and without knickers almost all of the time. I can’t say that waxing doesn’t hurt but the end results are definitely worth it!

During the colder months, I prefer to bathe and shaving becomes part of my daily routine. Firstly, I like to use proper shaving cream and brush. It works up am amazing lather that lubricates and softens the skin. I spend plenty of time, working in the cream, producing a mass of lather. It feels incredible, working those bristles onto the skin. Sometimes, I can’t help but to turn the brush around and slip it right inside. The more I work on producing that creamy lather, the more turned on I get.

I have an angled mirror attached to the bath so that I can watch. I part my pussy lips a little so that I can get a good look while I’m shaving. I know that at some point during my shaving session, I’ll most likely come and I love to watch all those juices just come flowing right out.

I use a razor to remove the tiny hairs and with every stroke, the soft, silky skin comes into view. That turns me on even more. By the time I have finished, my juices are making my pussy glisten.

I then smear some coconut flavoured oil all over myself, massaging it right into my pussy lips and all around my wet hole. I can’t help but stick a couple of fingers in, releasing more of the juices. Now you can come and lick it all off. You’d enjoy that, wouldn’t you? I know I would. Mm it’s nice and sweet. Where do you want to start licking baby? Mmm it is all for you and when you’ve finished licking it all up, I’d really like you to fuck me because all this is really turning me on. My shaved pussy is aching for your cock and I want you to fuck me right now.

Oh come on baby, fill me with your big hard cock. I want to feel it inside me now, just like my fingers are. Mmm in and out so good and hard. The juices are running down my hand. I’m so fucking turned on, in and out of my wet pussy, harder and faster. Oh wow, this is amazing. Fuck me…… fuck me… again… and again… harder and faster… in and out …….. aaaaahhhhhhh!

Ooh I so love my shaving session and how it makes me come. My fingers are sticky and mmm yum yum, so tasty. Sweet dreams lover boy!

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