For When You Meet Maria

I’d like to introduce you to Maria. She’s one of my absolute favourite hotties and every time I think about her sexy curves and yummy pussy, my moistness goes up several notches 😊

I asked her to describe her ideal meet up with you and here is what she said.

The Real Deal

Hi there, my name is Maria and you should know how pleased I am that you are here reading this with me. You see I’ve been horny all day, just like you are feeling right now. I’m hoping that we can have some excitement together. Would you like that? Mmm I know I would.

I never tire of sex, in fact I never get enough. I have brought myself quite a few sex toys.

The Sexiest Nipples Ever

Oh my pussy is getting so wet already mmmmmm…. I’ve taken my clothes off and I’m just going to leave on my black suspender belt and my silk stockings because I know that you like them. I’ve got lovely pert breasts with delicious suckable nipples. They are big and rosy brown, would you like to squeeze them?

Go on pinch those pink nipples until they get really hard. Oh yess baby, do it to me some more. Mmm I’m sure that cock of yours is bulging now mmm I’m sure it’s so big and throbbing at the thought of fucking me…

Well baby, I’m lying on the sofa with my legs wide open and I’m rubbing my big tits. Mmm and I have got to touch my clit now because it’s so desperate to be played with. I’m rubbing my fingers over and over that stiff little bud. Ooh it makes my back arch up and my body shudder.

Oh yes it feels so good…..ooohhh…. I’m imagining that it’s your hand in between my thighs, it’s gently parting those red puffy lips and exposing my sex. Oh wow I’m so moist, so very wet for you, my pussy is so wet with excitement. Mmmmm……. ooohhh yessss…….

Vibrating Toy Time

I’m reaching over for my vibrator, mm it’s the big one. I’m going to imagine it’s you driving into me. I clamp my legs around you, sucking you into my cunt. Oh I want you so bad. Oh yesss……..My pussy lips are dripping juices everywhere. I start rubbing it’s vibrating tip over my swollen clitty, Mmm…I can just imagine that it’s your fingers

Mmm rub me harder…I like it rough yesss…Mmm…harder! I can feel my self coming yes…yesss Ohh Mmmm… Oh fuck me, fuck me with your big cock. I want to feel you inside me. I push the vibrator harder into me,…oh wow.. this is amazing, the best fuck I’ve had in ages…. ooh yesss…. mmmmm …

I’m working away at myself with my other hand, rubbing it harder and harder… oh yes and faster and faster…. I’m speeding it up… oh yes I can feel my pussy squeezing it really tightly. Mmm oh yes yessss yeesssss I’m gonna cum again yesss…

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