Carla’s Confessional Chat Mates

I spend my days (and nights) chatting to men (and women) about …. well you name it and I’ve no doubt spoken about it. It’s not always sexual and it’s not necessarily dominant but most of the time, there is a general theme.

I’m not entirely sure why I became a Mistress. It may have been because I loved language and found it relatively easy to stalk someone’s mind with lots of sensual and evocative words. On the other hand, it might have simply been because it was fun!

Being a Mistress does have its advantages as things do tend to happen when the Mistress decides. Not before and not after! Being in control is key but there is nothing more exciting than being worshipped and adored by a willing sub.

I actually prefer the more unusual types of requests, as it normally means they have spent time thinking about their ideal fantasy and are not just tits and pussy men. I hate guys who launch straight into finger fucking, cock sucking, tit wanking diatribe. They are usually time wasters looking for cheap (or free) thrills and certainly not worthy of my time, let alone anyone elses!

Let me introduce you to a few of my more memorable chat mates. If you are lucky enough to recognize yourself – my apologies but I have changed names to ensure confidentiality.

Chat Mate – Philip S

Phil was one of my very first chat mates and our relationship went on for many years. Although I wasn’t strictly speaking a Mistress at the time, he did initially call in looking for a dominant lady.

I’m not entirely sure he understood what he had requested as when I asked him what he liked about dominant women, he said it was because he wanted her to listen to him!

Anyway, I was happy to listen. He began by telling me all about his job (a painter) and how much he enjoyed working in the outdoors. He was a bridge painter and worked on one of the most famous bridges in the country. I couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed his job, day in and day out, the same colour paint, the same bridge but not the same paint brush.

Every day he told me how much paint he had used and how much of the bridge he had painted. He was overly excited whenever he got a new paint brush. I could almost see the glisten in his eye!

I do recall asking him once what turned him on in a woman. He responded by saying that I was his dream lady because I listened and chatted to him but never judged.

Chat Mate – Don

This guy was entirely different to many of the others I’ve chatted with. He only had one obsession and that was with my neck. He asked me once if I would be able to send him a plaster cast of it so that he could put it on the middle of his table. I do have quite a long, slender neck and I used to spend ages measuring it for him and taking photos of every single inch.

He spent so much time and money on my neck, at one point I thought it might be worth insuring 😊

Chat Mate – Mick from London

Mick was from South London and had the most incredible accent. He always wanted me to “Speak posh” to him. He called me his ‘Posh bit of totty’ and love me to boss him about using words he didn’t always understand. I made him buy a dictionary and have it ready before he called. He was one of the strangest but most enjoyable chat mates.

I recall once asking him to describe his ‘turgid tumescence’ to me in all it’s glorious detail. It took him ages to find the meaning of both words and from then on whenever I said it to him, he’d shoot his load almost immediately!

Chat Mate – Marty P

Marty was a somewhat disturbed guy who really took his role of being my submissive to the absolute letter. He was an incredibly demanding slave who seemed to get huge pleasure out of the most extreme humiliation.

My treatment of him started off quite innocently with the usual demands made by a Mistress. Each time I requested action, he would comply, willingly and obediently. However, it soon became clear that whatever request I made of him just wasn’t enough to satiate his appetite.

His incessant requests actually started to really irritate me and so my demands became more and more obscene and grotesque.

On one occasion, he was cleaning his kitchen floor with his tongue at my request and I instructed him to continue cleaning for the next 10 mins without stopping. I heard his miserable voice asking me if it was now clean enough after just 8 and half minutes. I was absolutely outraged at not having my instructions carried out to the letter.

I told him to go to the bin and tip all the rubbish onto the kitchen floor. I then instructed him to use the floor as his toilet. It didn’t take him long to comply, so I gave him an extra special treat of ejaculating onto the floor as well. He was absolutely ecstatic as I didn’t often give him the chance to empty his sac.

Once the floor was in an absolutely, disgusting state, I gave him my instructions for the evening. He was to clean the floor until it was spotless using only his mouth. He was such a good slave, I could hear him retching every now and then. However, not only did he get the job done but he also sent me photo’s of his good deed!

Come back soon for some more hot Chat Mate Confessions.

Love Carla x

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