Clara has a sensuality that will make your toes curl and your pulse race. She is mesmerising and will have you under her spell before you realise what’s happened.

Her legs are so long, they seem to go on right up to her armpits. Perhaps that’s why she has such a fetish with shoes and boots, in fact anything with a heel works for her. Her ankles are so sublime, it makes me want to lick every single part of them.

I’m sure there are many foot fanciers out there who would love to get a close up of those divine arches. She has lots of shoes and boots with very high heels. It makes her really happy when you pay special attention to her feet, her toes, and her ankles and all the way up to her thighs.

If you can wait for Clara to be on line and you are feeling extra hot and horny and need some LIVE relief? Get busy with both hands right here

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