Miss Louise Kay Confessions of a Cam Model

Exactly how hot is Miss Louise Kay? One thing is for sure, you’ll never forget any of the incredible meetings on cam with her!

I’ve spent many an hour watching her slender body cavort on the screen before my very eyes. She is tanned, tattooed and tall, with legs she could wrap around you nice and tight.

Up Close and Personal

I wanted to get up close and personal with Miss Kay and decided to have a intimate one on one session with her (socially distanced of course – it’s amazing what you can do while wearing a mask). I asked her to start by telling me a little about her life on cam.

I’ve been camming for about 10 years now and I love every minute. I’m on line for around 6 hours every day during the week. About half the time is spent catching up and chatting with my regulars. I’m usually getting naked the rest of the time. I’ve got a few guys who have been joining me on cam right from the very start which is amazing”.

I asked her what she normally wore when she was on cam and if she had any special techniques she used while camming.

Outfits, Toys and Role-Play

I’ve got an office where I cam from now. It makes it so much easier to really get into a session. I know where all my special toys are and I can make sure the webcam is set up exactly right. Lighting is really important, especially if you want to get up close and personal.

I always wear something super sexy. Usually some matching underwear, a wet-look dress or a role-play outfit. I’ve got lots of toys to play with and love getting really dirty in private cam sessions”.

He did what??

I also asked Miss Louise about one of her most memorable cam sessions and to be honest I was absolutely blown away by what she said. However, it’s way too extreme for me to write here. Perhaps you had better ask her next time you meet 😊


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