Sofia Rae Confessions of a Cam Model

Sofia Rae is a MILF who never ceases to amaze me. Her work ethic is phenomenal and for the 10 or so years since I’ve known her, she has never taken her foot off the pedal. There is no doubt, that is the reason for her popularity.

The 3 words she uses to describe herself are ‘Sexy, Funny and Naughty’. I can totally agree with all of them!

Bedroom Cum (or was that Cam?) Shots

I asked her to tell me a little bit about her life on Cam, starting with where she normally cams from.

Most of my time on webcam is spent in my bedroom as I find it sets the scene nicely for the type of sessions my fans prefer. I try and cam for at least 20 hours per week and I also spend quite a bit of time sorting out movie clips and pictures for my profile and social media”.

How important do you think providing content and social media promotion is for today’s models?

I find engaging with my fans on a daily basis, really important for me. They love to know as much as possible about my life – even what I had for breakfast! To be honest, I’d expect nothing less really. This is my whole life, not just a career or 9 to 5 job and I love the fact I am in control of making so many people’s day special”.

I have to admit, following Sofia’s social media posts are fab, as she certainly doesn’t hold back. I always know when she has posted her latest hot video, or when she is up for a sex filled session on Cam.

Naked Apart from Wellies and a Fur Coat

I thought she might like to tell you what you can expect from her when you join her on cam.

Well to start with, most of the time you’ll find me wearing something classy and very sexy. I absolutely love seamed stockings, so there’s a good chance I’ll be wearing those when you call. To be honest, I’m most happy wearing things that turn you on. A little note beforehand and I can even be in the garden wearing nothing but my wellies and a fur coat”!

Tips for Zips

How about you telling us about one of your most memorable sessions on Cam?

Ah well, it was rather funny and in some ways prolonged the session, which had been very steamy anyway, I can tell you. I was wearing these very tight boots with a zip along the inside. I was getting right down to the nitty gritty and thought I’d just slow things down a little. So I decided to very slowly and sexily take off my boots.

The first boot was fine and I made a real good close up of the zip revealing my thigh. Then I started on the other one and to my horror the zip got stuck. I spent the first few minutes trying to pretend it was all part of the tease but realised it was well and truly stuck.

At least it didn’t dampen the spirits of the guy I was performing for. We managed to carry on regardless. He even gave me quite a substantial tip.

I did have to cut the zip off my boot in the end. It was worth it as it was so funny”.

I think we are going to be hearing a lot more from Sofia in the very near future. Check back again soon for more naughty confessions!

In the meantime, get naughty with Sofia whenever you feel the need.

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