Confessions of a Cam Girl – Lady Jessica

Welcome back to Carla’s amazing confessional. It’s the place where I get all those lovely girls to spill the beans on their most secret confessions and yours!

I’ve just been on line with the amazingly lovely Lady Jessica. During the 5 years or so she has been camming, you can be absolutely sure she’s got some really naughty tales to tell.

Bonkers or Bonkable?

She describes herself as Bonkers (or did she say Bonkable – I’ll get back to you on that), Loveable and Addictive. I can certainly vouch for that, she is one of the most loveable people I have ever met. Although I haven’t had chance to Bonk her yet, I’m sure she’s incredible at that too!

This amazing pic is dedicated to one of her very special fans who had one wish only – which was to see her NAKED in the bath.

According to Jessica, this incredible fan used to visit her weekly. Always at the very same time and all he would ask was that she be in the bath. He wanted to see her washing her body all over and playing with herself just for him. He would never speak or interact further – just simply watch her sliding her fingers around her soapy skin.

Getting the Angle Right

She said “It was quite a challenge getting the angle right on my webcam so that he could see everything I had to offer. Once the Cam almost fell into the bath. I even contemplated getting a camera put into the ceiling above the bath so that he could get the absolute best overall view. He was truly amazing”

If you’d like to hear more about Jessica’s incredible Bath-Time antics, get yourself ready for action. She is available most evenings on Cam and sometimes during the day.

We’ll be back for more insider action very soon.

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