Confessions of a Cam Model – Jessica Love

It’s not often that I come across someone (yes you can take that either way) as out-going as Jessica Love. She absolutely loves what she does and puts 110% into every moment.

Her pole dancing skills are incredible and anyone that has seen her performing one of her amazingly sexy routines on cam will confirm just how hot and supple she really is.

I couldn’t wait to get up close and personal with her after one of her more energetic sessions on Cam. I started by asking her how long she has been camming and where she spends most of her time working.

I’m actually relatively new to camming. I’ve only been working on-line for just over a month now and I’m loving every minute. The adult industry isn’t new to me though. That’s probably why I feel so comfortable camming and enjoy it so much.

I work mainly from my sofa as I have everything I need in my lounge area. I do sometimes move to another room. It all depends upon any individual requests that I might get. I’m always happy to oblige!”

I wanted to know what the lovely viewers could expect when they visited her on cam.

I do love to have a chat and catch up with some of my regulars before we get down to the naughty stuff. It’s a really, special feeling knowing that they want to come back time and again. I always make sure that I’m around when it’s convenient for them. I know for sure they don’t want to miss out on what I’ve got for them!”

What about toys and dressing up?

I do love dressing up and always happy to oblige if someone has a particular request. Other times, I am pretty much always wearing one of my stripper thongs underneath my dressing gown or comfy pants and short top.

I also love heels and fishnets, as they make my long legs look even sexier and are perfect for all those foot lovers out there.

My selection of vibrators is well used and I’ve got some other props for when the action gets really hot”.

Your Pole Dancing is incredible, how do you keep your body so supple?

Ah that could be something to do with my Naked Yoga sessions. It’s a great way to limber up and the best bit is that I can do it while on cam. The guys absolutely love it!”

Finally, I asked Jessica to give me 3 words to describe herself and she said –

Sensational, Erotic and Playful’

I couldn’t agree more. I’ll be back soon with some more in-depth confessionals from Jessica Love.

Get your in-depth experience with her right now.

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