How to Ensure Social Media is Your Friend and Not Your Enemy

Can you rely on your social media accounts working for you? Or, is it just safer to steer well clear and not take the risk?

Practically everyone is used to engaging with one or more on a personal level. Even granny has a Facebook account and next doors dog has her own Instagram page (though how she manages to load all those selfies beats me).

We are now used to sharing almost everything from our personal lives. In some cases, we even share with the whole world. We allow strangers to watch our every move, we inform them of each new purchase. Show the masses our latest hairstyle. Even indulge them with our intimate holiday pics!

Our reliance on engaging with strangers in the on-line world does however have its benefits. It can be a huge comfort to some who would otherwise be lonely. It also offers one of the most incredible opportunities for FREE marketing and advertising!

BUT, there is a proviso, you MUST follow the rules!

Some of those rules are put in place by the sites themselves but there are other rules which you should adhere to without fail.

Personal Privacy

Anyone working in the adult sector will have encountered issues. Quite possibly this may include a certain amount of contempt, with regard their chosen career. This is the main reason why keeping your personal life completely private and separate from work, is the key to success!

You can find some of the basic rules and tips here and here and even more here

However, right here and now, we are going to concentrate on how you make a success out of the social media opportunities.

Getting it right from the start

These days, everyone seems to think that time is of the essence and never really stop to think about anything in detail. The terms and conditions of everything we sign up for seems to increase, exponentially, on a daily basis. Meanwhile, our concentration span appears to be decreasing at the same rate!

Let’s assume you’ve already done your homework and are ready to embark upon your road to fame via social media marketing. The key here is to make absolutely sure you continue with the same diligence that you started with.

Are you sure you really want to post that?

In the early days of emails and the internet, some companies took advantage of clever little programmes which would not allow its employees to even send out an email after dark. Many assumed that after a few drinks, the average brain would not be able to make adequate decisions about what was a suitable response.

Therefore, they were made to perform simple but perfunctory tests, prior to being able to activate the ‘Send’ button. If they were under the influence, or just simply tired and not able to perform the task with 110% accuracy, the computer said “NO”.

This means, that even after learning all the rights and wrongs, and do’s and don’ts, the average person is now even more likely to make bad decisions if not feeling 110%. Double and triple checking everything you post or share on social media is now more crucial then ever.

Your post can be copied within seconds and no matter how hard you try and re-tract, it will always be too late!

Can you be too critical and over cautious?

Some say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. However, there are only a handful of people who have managed to turn a social media disaster into positive publicity. Most of those have extremely well-paid management and advertising agents. The worse that can happen to them is that they lose their celebrity status and have go back to living as a normal human being.

Think about the consequences if the same thing happened to you. You could lose your job and income, as well as the respect of your family and friends.

The ultimate support mechanism

It’s a sad fact that many people find the adult industry distasteful and some go as far as to say it’s abhorrent. Until we find a way of ‘educating’ those who think they know best, we need to concentrate on ensuring our livelihoods are free from bigotry and danger!

We need to provide support to our kindred spirits and be there for each other when the going gets tough! Accept help and think of others, always.

Above all, Stay Safe!

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