Sarah Mai Queen of Tease

Sarah Mai Queen of Tease will be the ultimate devil who will wind you around her little finger so tight you won’t be able to shake free! If you have a naughty fantasy or a dirty little secret you want to discuss, then Sarah Mai is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

The absolute queen of tease, her JOI skills are renown. Sarah will have you begging, pleading and ready to do just about anything to let you shoot your load. As your Mistress, you can expect to serve her every desire, so make sure you are polite and treat her with respect.

She will captivate you and use and abuse you for her own selfish needs. Sarah expects to be able to manipulate money from you because she knows she is worth every single penny.

In her words “I have seen the bizarre, encouraged the weak and partaken in the downright filthy”.

If you’d like the ultimate GFE or a Mistress to keep you in check, get your fill now. You can find out exactly what’s on offer by visiting Sarah Mai right here.

Stay safe

Love Carla x

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