Erotic Fiction Oral Plenty

Hi there baby, my name is Emilia and I’ve been waiting especially for you. I got all dressed up in my sexy black lace top and as you can probably imagine, my nipples are really hard. Do you like my panties? They are the sort that exposes most of your bottom… mmm but I know you like me to show it all off. Mmm it excites me so much to feel that thin piece of string in between my pussy lips. It means I’m always wet and creamy and ready for action.

Cum and Sit Beside Me

Come here baby and sit beside me, I know you find me very sexy and I think you are too but you have got to relax and look at my amazing body on display for you. Yes go on, get down in front of me and take a close up look. I’m so horny and just dying to feel your big hard dick. I want you to watch as I begin to finger myself. Look at my fingers going in and out. Doesn’t that turn you on? I’m fingering myself for you, I’m plunging my fingers in and out of that honey pot. I lick my fingers and taste them, it’s delicious, I know that you can’t wait to get right in there. Mmm your tongue delving into my wet hole.

I won’t let you though, not yet, I’ve got to tease you a little more first. My fingers are slipping through the side of my panties and searching for those juices. I turn over onto my knees and stick my big ass in your face. Pull those panties aside baby and giving you a glimpse of everything I’ve got. I’m pulling my lips apart for you, stretching them wide to accept your big swollen cock. Oh yes! I want you inside me so much…but not just yet!

Getting Hot Big Boy?

You love to look at my ass from close up and such a gorgeous view of my pussy. It’s all on display for you baby. I can feel your big stiffy now, it’s in my hand and I’m stroking it, all the way from the top to the bottom. It’s so big and throbbing. I want it throbbing in me, give me that big hard cock now, shove it in me….ooohhhh yessssss……aaaahhhhhh.

Oh wow I want to feel you inside me but first I want to lick you. I want that big cock in my mouth. Mmm let me lick it baby and while I’m licking it I can play with your swollen balls as well. Oh yes…I can feel your fingers in me… so many… oh yesss… let me suck you all into my mouth. Let me suck on those balls… good … and so big and hard….Mmm I’m gonna move around so I’m kneeling right over your face so you can lick my pussy. Mmm…I bend right over so I can still suck your hard cock.. Oh yesss…stick your tongue right up my juicy cunt yes…yes Mmm…lick my clitty now yes lick it, feel my juices running down your face. Let me take your cock deep into my throat sucking and licking you while you lick my clit. Ooh…what a cock…oh let me have your spunk right now baby… give it to me … deep into my throat.

Let’s Explode Together

Yesss… that’s it… I can feel your big cock throbbing… my pussy is so wet…your tongue flicking hard and fast over my swollen clit…harder …… faster……oooh yeeeesssss……mmmmmm that’s it… Oh yessss…..My pussy dripping all over your face as I cum …. oh wow.. that was so good…so very good.

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