3 Way Juice Fest

Have you ever wondered what happens when 3 horny girls get together? I’m going to guide you through the juicy action, step by step.

We’re just lying here on my bed at the moment, and I can tell you I’m feeling particularly horny. Sara is still asleep; she’s absolutely exhausted from the last session. I don’t know why I’m not feeling tired really, we’ve been at it for hours, I seem to get so turned on that forget about sleep and just want to carry on getting my pussy pleasured. 

Time to Wake Up

I’m still feeling really horny so I’m pressing myself against my other friend Tina, she’s only half awake but I don’t care, I really get a thrill out of rubbing myself up against her. She’s so soft and warm and I love to feel how she responds to my touch, mmm pressing herself back into me. I slide my hand inside her flimsy top and stroke her tits softly, they’re not all that big but she has got such huge nipples, it’s like they’re always standing out hard before you even touch them.

Her breathing grows heavier and I can feel her nipples getting even harder between my fingers, mmmm the more I squeeze the harder they get. I love feeling her breasts, rubbing over them with both my hands.

As my hand slides down over her stomach I feel Sara grab hold of my arse, ha and there was me thinking she was asleep.  I bet she felt something going on and didn’t want to be left out of any of the action. She is such a dirty bitch. I can feel her tits pressing into my back and then ohhhhh her tongue starts to lick down the entire length of my back.

Fingering Bliss

She stops just above the crack of my arse. She really has got me going now.  Then her fingers push their way through my thighs and she begins to stroke my clit with her fingers, pulling my pussy lips open and teasing me. Oh yess … don’t stop … I can feel it all nice and wet, it feels so good, my pussy gets so swollen and I really want to feel something inside me. My juices really begin to flow as her fingers start working faster, mmm smearing all my pussy juice around my lips.

I really want her to finger fuck me but she’s keeping me waiting. I’m going to start to rub Tina’s already hot pussy, doing the same to her as Sara is doing to me; I love to feel hot wet pussy. Oh wow it feels so good … oh yesss.  I have got to lie on top of her and feel her whole body against mine. I want to feel my tits pressing up against hers and push my thigh in between her legs so I can feel her hot sticky juices on my leg. 

Licking Frenzy

She really does feel so good against me; she’s grinding herself onto me, opening her legs up nice and wide.  I know what she wants! She wants to feel my tongue. So, I’ll lick my way down her body, tracing my way down over her tits, down over her stomach and straight to her wet pussy. I am going to run my tongue right in between her lips. Yes that’s good and then dipping the tip right into her lovely creamy hole.

Wow she’s so wet, I bite her thighs gently, the insides of her legs are becoming so wet with her juices. I’ve got to suck her, I want to feel that pussy pushing into my mouth. I want to taste it all. I’m sucking away at her deliciously creamy juice and lapping it all up and she loves it so much. She’s really pushing herself down onto my mouth, she’s even holding herself wide open for me. 

Time for the Strap-On

Oh wow and then a big, fat dildo is shoved straight up into my pleasure hole. It’s Sara with the strap on dildo, she just loves fucking me with it. Sara likes to feel like she’s in control and she certainly is with that big dick. It must be about 8” long and nice and thick too. She likes to do it good and hard to my soaking wet pissy. Oh yes, keep it coming Sara.

Now it’s Tina’s turn, her pussy is so fucking wet after the good licking I’ve been giving her I know she can take it all. I have to sit myself across Tina’s face and start to rub myself off on her mouth.  Sara is only too eager to fill Tina’s wet hole with the strap on; it was glistening with my juices.

I watched her get right up between Tina’s legs and she prodded the big fat dildo up against the lovely wet pussy.  I watch as she pushes it in her. Go on, fuck her deep and hard. Wow she’s certainly wet enough to  shove it straight in. Tina’s pinned down on the bed, having her face showered with my come and being fucked with the dildo at the same time. She loves it, she’s bucking and screaming in ecstasy.

Butt Hole Fun

Tina brings her hands up around the cheeks of my arse and she finds that tight little hole. She immediately plunges two fingers in there making me shudder all over. I know I can’t take much fingering of my arse before smothering her face with even more of my pussy juices. She is sliding her fingers in and out, making me scream. I rub my pussy harder and harder all over her face, soaking her in my juices. She loves eating pussy while being fucked. Oh wow … this is incredible! So much juice, it’s really squirting out of me, ohhh and so much fucking.

In and out of every hole, our fingers searching and plunging in and out. All those juicy wet holes being fucked so good, so hard and so fast. Absolute bliss!

Mmm, I love being with my girls. We love to have such a good time together, and don’t forget we are always ready to have more fun anytime of night or day.

If you’re feeling horny, get busy right now with one of these horny girls.


Stay Safe

Love Carla x

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