Top Tip for Today – Is There Such a Thing as the Perfect Look?

How do you make sure you’re always looking good on Cam?

The easiest way to achieve this is to make sure your Cam personality is solid and it doesn’t always take you hours to get ready. If you are going to insist on wearing a wig and false eyelashes every time you cam, you may not be making the best use of your time.

It’s true that some people are just born with gorgeous skin and amazing hair but they really are very few and far between. The further away you step from your genuine self, the harder it will be to make a real success on Cam.

Guys really do want to see you in your PJ’s, or just out of the shower wrapped in a towel sometimes. They like to see all sides of you, as it makes you a real person, someone they can really interact with.

Camming is not only about how you look, how big your boobs are, or whether you’ve remembered to stick on your eye lashes. It’s about creating an online relationship, preferably regular and on a long-term basis. Cam models who can do this general make the most money.

The lovely Jessica Love (pictured above) is an expert. She can combine doing the things she loves, such as Pole dancing and Yoga with her Camming sessions. She knows how to communicate and fulfil someone’s fantasy.

Learn to be comfortable with yourself and your Cam character and you’ll find that the sky really is your limit!

Love Carla x

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