A Guide To Privacy

5 Things You Must Know To Help Keep Your Private Life Private!

A guide to privacy is an extremely important area that many people tend to ignore. For anyone working in the adult industry, you may have already thought about the importance of ensuring your private life is kept private. It’s so easy to create profiles on social media. Then you forget that most of the time you aren’t only posting your life events to your friends and family.

One of the easiest ways to make absolutely sure that you operate your professional social media, without ruining your private life, is to have separate profiles for each. Your private profile should only be accessible to your friends and family. It shouldn’t have any associations with your work life in the adult world.

Understanding Your Privacy Settings

For some, you may feel it’s too late to consider operating a separate account for your social media profiles. Perhaps you even feel it is impossible. If this really is the case, then you should make absolutely sure you understand how to operate the privacy settings on each of your accounts.

Privacy settings generally allow you to make choices as to who sees your pictures, posts and profile. On Facebook for example, you have the option of only allowing your friends, or your friends and their friends, or anyone (known as public).

If you can’t find the information you want about the privacy settings, then it’s a good idea to check out forums. You’ll probably find the answer you need there, sometimes with useful links to the right part of the site.

Think About Your Main Picture Content

You may love the picture someone took of you on your family holiday. However, it’s not really the best idea to use it on your professional social media pages, or indeed any work associated websites.

There are numerous picture recognition software packages which can be used to trawl sites to find picture matches. For example, that holiday pic you thought was so good, you posted it on your adult related website. It could suddenly become linked to your family holiday snaps and banter on Insta!

It doesn’t mean you can only use professional photos, it simply means decide which one you’re going to use it for and stick to it.

What About Background Pictorial Content?

Always check the background of any pics you use for your adult related work. It’s really easy to slip up and give away key locations, or even more personal information, such as a car registration for example.

You should make sure you do not include and famous landmarks, or brands. Many companies could be willing to sue you for bringing their brand into disrepute and it’s extremely unlikely you would ever win such a battle.

Always Think First Before Pressing Enter

A huge percentage of inappropriate posts happen because the person posting does not stop to think about the consequences of their actions.

NEVER post things in anger, whilst drunk (or under the influence), or as a direct response to something you do not agree with. NEVER make rude responses to anyone online, no matter how strongly you feel.

The Importance of Virus Protection

Always make sure you use some virus protection on your devices (Laptop, Phone, Desk Top PC).They not only check for viruses but also for Trojans and other sneaky things which could invade your device and your life.

NEVER click on any link without checking first with the sender (even if you know the sender). You never know if their account has already been compromised. Call them up first and ask them if they sent you something before trusting it.

It’s ALWAYS better to be SAFE rather than SORRY!

Stay Safe

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