Top Tip for Today – How to Engage

Creating successful online relationships is not going to be easy. However, if you follow a few basic rules, you’ll find things much easier.

Being comfortable

Ensuring you are comfortable both physically and mentally is key to being able to provide the best version of yourself to your fans, clients or customers. Nervousness is acceptable but dithering is never a good look.

Getting to know yourself in front of the cam is one of the best ways to find out how to project all your best bits. If you spend some time with your cam switched on, you can see what angles look best and how to make best use of the lighting. The last thing you need is for people to be complaining because they can only see your left arm, or the picture is too dark.

Don’t forget, the better your equipment, the better the quality of your cam streaming will be. People don’t want to pay top dollar for something which is mediocre.

They also don’t want to spend their money while waiting for you to position your cam correctly, or adjust the lamp in the corner of the room. The more familiar you are with your equipment and setting, the more comfortable and professional you’ll look.

Getting started

Don’t feel forced into baring all too quickly (or at all if that’s not your thing). Remember that guys have generally spent a while perusing your pics and already have an idea of who you are, in their head. It’s therefore no surprise that when they come onto cam they are ready to watch you strip naked and go all out for you to join in their fantasy.

Try and slow it down, take some deep breaths and tell them you would love to get to know them better first. Asking them what 3 words they would use to describe themselves is often a good place to start.

Where possible, try and make short notes about each of your sessions. Even if you just note down their name and 3 words, it should prompt you the next time they appear. There’s nothing a guy likes more than to be remembered.

Opening Questions

You might want to try some of these

Hi, what’s your name and how are you today?

Can you give me 3 words that best describe yourself?

What 3 things turn you on most about me from what you’ve seen in my pics?

Tell me how your day/week has been?

Is this your first time on Cam?

Would you like me to be your virtual/secret girlfriend?

Do you have a special fantasy?

Keeping it Honest

Above all, don’t feel pressured into making decisions you don’t feel comfortable with. As long as you are honest in your profile, no one can accuse you of promising something and then not delivering. Most people will respect your boundaries and if they didn’t note these in your profile, they only have themselves to blame.

Join the team today and let us help you to take control.

Love Carla x

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