Understanding You

Sometimes, we all have to stop for a moment and remember that the world is full of other people. We do not exist alone. The pandemic has forced some people into a world of isolation and loneliness which the world hasn’t seen for a very long time.

The more time we spend on our own the easier it becomes to forget that others are also potentially going through similar struggles both emotionally and physically. A simple ‘Hello’, or a brief ‘You ok?’ message can mean the world to those in need of company.

Isolation can be very damaging, as beneath it all humans are social creatures who require the presence of others, on an almost daily basis. Whilst we all like that time alone where we can treat ourselves to a candlelit bath, or a movie with a glass of wine and a blanket, we do need to be with others.

Negative Effects of Lockdown

Lockdown had so many effects on individuals and families. Some rediscovered the delights of what family and friends really mean. The internet was our saviour as video calls and messaging became ever present on a daily basis. However, others found the enforced closeness with family very hard to deal with.

Working from home became the norm. Cats, dogs and children popping up on work zoom calls created internet sensations for some. Whereas those not used to this closeness found it very difficult to cope.

None more so, than those working in the adult sector. The income which their job provided, and the interaction with other people was suddenly removed. This left a huge void financially and emotionally. The times spent alone seem to become more devoid of emotion as each day pass.

Sharing is Caring

A number of companies took this opportunity to create forums and online groups for their workers to communicate with each other. Zoom meetings often started with a brief summary of your weekend activities, or nightly Netflix binge (without spoilers of course). This allows people to interact in a more personal way, giving them the chance to feel more connected to each other.

Time can be a great healer but it also gives us scope to really get to understand who we really are. Although difficult for some, being alone does give us the opportunity to discover the real you. Once we allow ourselves to accept the bad as well as the good, it’s much easier to get to work on the negative aspects.

Being Honest

Let’s be honest, if someone else calls you lazy, or careless, our immediate reaction is one of defensiveness and feeling hurt. However, oftentimes in reality we know what they have said was true. Perhaps this is where the saying ‘You always hurt the one you love’ comes from. It’s certainly relevant and in some ways designed to help us better ourselves.

Self-improvement can only come if we are able to determine those things which do require some work or adjustments. A common way of dealing with this is to remember that there are many people much worse of than we may be. Placing the focus on what the actual problem is can allow us to ascertain exactly how the issue fits into the grand scheme of things.

Kindness, Patience and Tolerance

We do all need to take time for ourselves, indulge in our own inner beauty. If you are reading this, I hope you are already thinking of the best parts of your soul and how you can improve other parts. Helping others and listening to what they are really trying to say is key to seeing the beauty within. Being kind, patient and tolerant are crucial assets which allow you to embrace life and everything that comes your way, good or bad.

It’s good to remember that

Kindness is Important

Patience is a Virtue

Tolerance is Essential

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