Shaming and Discrimination

There is one word which seems to create more controversy than any other and that is ‘Porn’. Despite the fact that paying for sexual gratification is perhaps the oldest profession in the world, many humans still find the whole subject distasteful and immoral.

Is it what we, as individuals really think though? Or is it perhaps a viewpoint thrust upon us by the media?

Shaming and discrimination are extremely common and can easily result in mental health issues. The way it affects workers in the adult industry ranges from a general feeling of disdain to far more serious situations.

Some organisations would have us believe that most of the world despises pornography in any guise. Strange then, that a similar majority state they have viewed it and more importantly said they enjoyed it.

All of this continual bigotry requires a massive amount of stamina to deal with. Even those who are strong willed find it tiring after a while, and what about those not so strong? They end up suffering with all kinds of anxieties. The worse part being that they rarely have anyone they are able to discuss their feelings with.

Talking about it really does help!

With Family/Friends

If you are lucky enough to be up front and honest with your friends and family about your profession, you may also be able to get some one-to-one time with them. However, do be aware, that those people closest to you may not be prepared or able to understand the kind of situations you are faced with every day. Some of your daily activities may be intimate or simply too personal to convey.

With Fellow Workers

The one advantage here is that these people generally have a good idea of the kind of issues you are most likely going to come across on a day-to-day basis. Sharing stories and feelings with fellow workers is a very good way to clear your head. Do be careful though! You need to be absolutely sure you are opening up to the right person. If they are unable to deal with their own issues, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to take on yours as well!

Public Forums

Forums can be a great place to vent your frustrations and discuss general topics about your work with like minded people. However, they can also spark malicious chat, misinformed judgement and downright vicious comments.

Forums do tend to make it so much easier to get into in depth conversations which can so easily turn into arguments and sometimes even slander. You need to be very careful about what you say in public (anything you ‘say’ on a forum becomes public fodder as soon as you press ‘Enter’).

However, used correctly they can be a very useful tool.

Take Wecamgirls for example. This forum is designed and run by industry experts. It is a community for Camgirls (and guys) to provide reviews of adult sites and services. You’ll find most of the reviews up front, honest and straight up. One of the best parts of the site is the fact it allows the various sites/services to respond to questions and comments made on the site.


If you are lucky enough to be able to discuss both your work and associated worries with your GP, they may be able to recommend or refer you for counselling. It is however surprising that many medical practitioners are still willing to pour scorn on your chosen career, with some even refusing you treatment.

This can have life changing results, if for example your doctor decides they no longer wish to treat you at all. It can even be the case that your doctor is fine with it but them the recommended specialist takes umbrage.

It’s going to be difficult to get proper treatment if you are not able and willing to be up front about everything in your life. It’s therefore important to be able to deal with an individual or organisation that allows you to be completely open.

Specialist Counsellors

Being open and honest is going to prove invaluable to get the help you need. Sharing your feelings with those that understand your day-to-day life and have experience in these areas is the biggest help of all.

Organisations like Pineapple Support offer advice and help to absolutely anyone working in the on-line adult industry.

They offer a 24/7 service and are able to provide emotional support as well as free and subsidized professional therapy and advice to all performers and producers who have been active in the adult online industry within the past 6 months.

It’s completely confidential and all their therapists have been chosen for their sex positive outlook towards adult industry workers.

Take a Positive Step

Obtaining help or advice is one of the most important and positive steps you can take towards making a huge difference in your life. You don’t have to be at rock bottom before reaching out. In fact, the sooner you can share any of those small doubts and insecurities with someone you can trust, the better things will be.

Stay Safe

Love Carla x

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