Double Cherry Delights

My name is Stevie and I couldn’t wait for you to come and join us so that my friend Cherry and I could have some really horny fun with you. My girlfriend Cherry is here with me right now. She’s sitting in front of me with a really naughty grin on her face, I know that I’m in for a really good session with her when she’s got that look on her face.

Nipples Like Spikes

Cherry’s just sliding her hands up over my big round tits. She loves to tease my nipples until they’re standing out like spikes. She really does get me really horny.  Mmm I really love it when she does this to me, especially when we’ve got company. She seems to like to show off more when we’ve got someone like you to watch us. Now she’s running her hands down over my belly, right down to my hot juicy pussy.  That really does get my juices flowing. I love it when my pussy gets all hot and wet.

Cherry’s just sliding her way down onto me now, nuzzling up between my legs and pushing them really wide apart, I know I’m already so wet for her.  She’s sliding her middle finger deep into my pussy and now starting with her tongue as well. I love to feel a tongue flicking over my clit, I’m such a dirty bitch I don’t even care whose doing it. Ooh…slowly at first with the tip of her tongue and then sucking it right into her mouth, just gently nibbling on it.

Sucking My Bud

I love that so much, I can feel my bud all nicely swollen now and she’s got a couple of her fingers working their way in really deep deep. Oh this is so fucking good and now you can join in too. Let’s not waste any time. Sit yourself down in front of Cherry’s beautiful arse and pull down her panties and then you can start licking right down that lovely crack. The dirty slut fucking loves that; she loves her arse being played with so much it sends her into a frenzy.

She’s squeezing on to the cheeks of my arse now as I buck my hips off the couch and pull her face further into my pussy.  I love smearing my cream all over her face as she’s trying to lap it all up. Cherry’s sucking hard now, sucking my juices right into her mouth. Mmm more Cherry more, come on you dirty bitch, stick your tongue in as far as you can.

Tight Puckered Hole

I can see how big your cock is now, Mmm you really have got a huge cock. Cherry is really grinding her arse back onto your face. She is pressing her puckered little arse hole right onto your tongue mmmm go on poke it right in there, she loves it.

Cherry wants me down on the floor on my back now, I know what she wants and I love it too.  She’s started rubbing her lovely smooth pussy all over my tongue. Wow I love it when she’s shaved it and it’s all nice and smooth, just right for licking. She’s so fucking wet, that’s because you’ve been giving her arse a good tonguing.

She’s pulling on my head making her pussy almost swallow me up.  She’s got me so fucking turned on I’m really aching for something, anything, to be shoved up my pussy now, I really don’t care what it is, but I know you both just want to tease me. I know what you want though you want me sucking on that big stiff cock of yours. Oh come on then big boy, I want to taste your juicy cock. I want to feel it hit the back of my throat.

3 Way Frenzy

I’m sure that Cherry wants a taste too.  Mmm come on stick it right into my mouth and let Cherry lick all over your balls, mmm that’s so good to have the two of us licking and sucking at the same time on you. I know you love to have both of us taking you into our mouths mmm and we love it too. Cherry I need your tongue licking me again; I love it so much I’m parting my legs so you can flick the tip of your hot tongue into my cunt. Oh yes, you love the taste so much, I know you can’t get enough of it, allowing your tongue to get deeper and deeper into my cunt. Make me scream!

Let me suck you now Cherry and you big boy can suck me. Oh yes! Cherry’s bending so I can suck on her nipples, she’s got such good nipples for sucking on, and they get so erect and they are so long too.  Cherry, I love doing this with you so much now let me get back down to licking your cunt. This is driving me wild. It is dripping all over my face now, mmm her lips are really wide open and I can see right into her dripping hole. She’s going to squirt all over my face before very long.

Oh Cherry I’m going to come pretty soon. Oh yes, this is so good, what a beautiful pussy she has and I’m ready to be drowned in her juices. Oh fuck me, fill me with your lovely stiff prick, oh yes come on and fuck me deep and hard with that big fat cock of yours. I can feel Cherry’s hot juices pouring down my neck as she squirts her load all over my face. Mmm come on fuck me now, more, more! Fuck me deep and fast baby. Oooh yes!

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