Karrie’s Secret Girlfriend

Hi there, I’m *Karrie and Carla asked me to tell you all about my latest exploits. She wasn’t at all shocked when I told her, in fact I think the idea of what I’d been up to, made her a little bit moist to be honest. She loves listening to us girls reveal all 😊

My Secret Girlfriend

I had such a big row with my boyfriend, and he’s kicked me out of the flat, I had no choice, it was either move in with *Susan from work or live on a dirty park bench somewhere, I really didn’t have anywhere else to go. I was a little reluctant, but she had been mentioning for weeks, that she had a spare room she wanted to rent but all the girls in the office had refused.

Rumour has it that she’s a lesbian. I was desperate though and she was more than happy to let me move in. It was a risk worth taking, I mean…so what if she was gay, that’s her business right?

I’ve got to hand it to her though, she was very subtle, the way she went about seducing me that is. She knew that I would have ran screaming through the door if she came on too strong, you know appearing in my doorway with nothing on but nipple clamps, army boots and brandishing a ten-inch dildo!

She most definitely took the wining and dining route. Late at night she would ask me if there was ‘anything I needed’ or ‘accidentally’ leave the bathroom door open when she was in the shower and she would tell me that things were really bad between her and her ‘best friend’ *Christie.

For some strange reason it was me who made the first move, I can’t explain why, I was feeling really lonely and started to get curious. I was sick of men treating me so badly and maybe I needed to try the comfort of a woman, perhaps I would enjoy it and it was blatantly on offer.

I crawled into bed with her that night and snuggled up next to her she stroked my hair and gently kissed me until I fell asleep in her arms. I woke up the next morning feeling intense pleasure, I looked down to see *Susan between my thighs lazily licking my pussy.

Her soft tongue felt incredible, caressing my clit. It felt so different to a man’s rough touch, I was in heaven and ran my fingers through her hair, moving with her until I was having the most intense orgasm ever.

My boyfriend has asked me to move back with him, but I have so far refused, the sex I am getting from my lesbian lover is amazing and I’m more than happy with her. A few nights ago, she screwed me for the first time with a strap on dildo.

She looked so sexy with it strapped to her crotch standing over me while I took it in my mouth (for visual purposes of course) it turned her on so much that she ordered me to lubricate it from end to end and she pushed me onto all fours.

I loved being her bitch and she grabbed my ass pulling me open as wide as she could as she slid the long, hard shaft into my gaping pussy. She grabbed my boobs as she thrust away inside me making me cum over and over again.

I couldn’t wait to return the favour and practically ripped the harness off her so I could get at her soaked pussy, lapping away at it hungrily, covering my face with her sweet juices.

No-one at work knows what’s going on and they asked me if she really is a lesbian and I always tell them to ask her, knowing full well that they won’t. Our lesbian affair is only for us to know!

*Please note names have been changed to protect privacy

Thanks Karrie, that really did make me very moist indeed and I’m sure it made some of our readers a little hot under the collar as well. Come back soon for more Dirty Secret Sex Stories and why not visit one of my gorgeous Hot Cam Girls right away for some instant relief.


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