Naughty Tight Teen

Hi there, my name is Chrissie. I’m actually still a virgin and a little scared at the thought of a big cock pushing into my tight wet pussy. Fantasy is no problem though and I’ve got lots of naughty fantasies I can share with you. Mmm and I can’t help playing with my pussy when I think about them. I was just thinking about how much I’d like to really please a man.

My friend told me that men like you like to have their big cocks sucked until you come. Mmm and that you like to do it all over my face and my tits. The thought of that makes my pussy really wet and juicy. It aches until I just have to relieve it. I rub my clitty with my soft fingers…mmm and then my pussy just gets wetter and wetter until I have to open my legs wide and frig myself until I come.

Ooh I’m really horny now and I’m sitting here with hardly anything on. I’m a real naughty tease, aren’t I? Mmm do you know what I’d really like to do to you?

I want you to lie back and enjoy yourself while I start to kiss you gently and seductively. My lips gently kiss your chest. I can see your cock starting to twitch. It can’t wait to feel my mouth around it. You want to feel my tongue sliding up and down its length. My kisses reach further and further down your body until they reach your thighs … mmm. Such a big hard cock already, it’s so stiff, just the way I like it.

Let me take it in my mouth very gently. All you can feel is my hot breath around you. Shall I suck on it now or shall I tease you for a bit first? I’m going to kiss you all up and down the length. You can feel my tongue very softly teasing you. I can feel your cock twitching away and you really want me to suck you now. To take that big cock into my mouth and lick it all over.

Mmm well here it comes, my lips are placing themselves around the tip, gently sucking it into my mouth. My tongue just can’t stop licking and lapping away at your delicious cock. Oh yes I just want to swallow it all, swallow the whole length, take it all into my mouth. I want to feel the juices dripping into my mouth and then spurting down my throat.

Ooh now I’m rubbing your balls while I suck on your cock. Oh wow I’m so juicy my pussy is dripping. I‘m so turned on by this, I want you to start thrusting now, pretend my mouth is my wet cunt and pump your cock in and out. Come on do it to me. Oh wow yess that’s it, do it to me good and hard. Fuck my mouth, pump it in and out .. harder and faster and then shoot your load right into my throat. Spurt it all over my lips, all over my face, give it to me baby, give it to me right now.

Mmm that was so good please come and find me or one of my teen friends on Cam. We’re always available for session with you.

Let me tell you that Chrissie and her teen friends are in need of a good seeing to from a guy like you. So, don’t delay and make their day.

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