Is All That Glitters Really Gold?

Is all that glitters really gold in the world on cam and content creation? Are you absolutely sure you’ve got what it takes to become a cam model or content creator? If the answer is yes, how do you ensure you can really follow it through?

Setting Your Boundaries

We all have to set boundaries every once in a while and for some, it happens way more often. Even when we’ve set them, it’s all too easy to loosen the confines and ease the restrictions – just a little. There’s the diet you can always start ‘tomorrow’, the exercise that would perhaps be best left until the weekend is over.

It’s much easier to deceive ourselves than it is anyone else. However, once you’ve said ‘it’ out loud to your friends, there’s no going back.

Before you embark on your career as a cam model, you need to sit down and really think about how it may affect you and what things you may or may not be willing to do. You also need to accept that as you progress, your mind may change.

It’s All About the Money

Money is a big ‘mind changer’ as it can easily determine how our brain perceives morals and standards that we adhere to.

A good example would be to compare the two models below.

Claire left university with a lot of debt and has not been able to find a job. Her family also struggle financially, having helped Claire through her academic years. She started camming (albeit non nude) as a way to make enough money to get by each week. A year later and her world has changed beyond belief. She has almost finished paying off her debt and was able to send her parents away on holiday for the fist time in 6 years. Her goals for next year are to pay off the rest of the debt she and her family have and then look at property for herself and family’.

Julia always struggled academically and was always considered to be really attractive. All the guys wanted to date her and were more than happy to take her out and pay for drinks and dinner. A friend suggested camming. She started on a well-known site, selling pics and doing shows for money. Before long she was able to charge high prices and went on a well-deserved break with a friend. When she got back, she decided to spend some time getting her body into shape with some surgery and fillers. She got a whole new wardrobe and is looking for more ways to improve her looks’.

Both of the examples above amount to the same thing. It’s the same job and the end result is money. However, the choices each of them made differ hugely. You’d be surprised at people’s reaction to each of them. As whilst they are generally happy to accept Claire’s story and circumstances, they would find Julia vacuous and self-absorbed.

Are They Really That Different?

There is the saying ‘One man’s poison is another man’s meat’ and it is so relevant in this circumstance. However, it’s important to note that the end result is exactly the same.

Some may say that the model is being manipulated by the guy paying to watch and making requests of her in return for payment. Others would argue that the model has control because she is ensuring the guy pays for what he wants. Whichever way you look at it, both sides are actually in a winning situation. They are both achieving what they set out for.

Designating Your Boundaries

Once you have realised that you are in charge of your own destiny, you should be able to make informed decisions which do not affect your future in a negative way. You should feel motivated towards a positive future. One where you are guided by your own decisions and not ones which have been made for you.

It’s a well-known fact that operating in the Adult space is difficult and if you have concerns about being ‘found out’ it’s probably not the space for you. Even models who have never been naked and have no intention of getting naked anytime soon, are put in the same ‘Adult’ box by certain sectors of society.

You and Yours

However, if you have a strong enough support network around you, your decisions should be your own concern. Whether you want to spend your cash on the latest Hermes bag or you prefer to treat your family to a well-earned holiday is up to you!

You’ve got the power to make those decisions and should stand by your actions. You and yours will always appreciate honesty and those that stand by their principles. Be strong and above all be safe.

Check out some of my other important info on safety and privacy. It could be the best 10 minutes you’ve spent in your life that helps you move towards your future goals.

Think Right, Start Right and Futureproof YOU!

Love Carla x

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