What Men Really Want

When I started in the Adult business, almost everyone thought they knew what men really wanted. There were topless girls in newspapers and the bigger the breasts the better. The younger, the blonder and the more they flaunted themselves as an easy lay, brought all men to their knees – or did it?

As soon as you really started looking, 2 things became very apparent

  • Many men were surprisingly frightened by those strong personalities. Bearing in mind, their big, bouncing breasts usually arrived in a room, seconds before they did. Whilst they may have bragged to their mates down the pub, that they’d “Definitely give her one”, the reality was much different.
  • As bold as men may act when relating to their wanton lust for sex (however it comes), they do in fact like to be looked after. They want to be cared for and made to feel special. Especially in the bedroom (in the hall, on the kitchen table, or even on the stairs)!

Both of these points, really came to the fore with the advent of Live Phone Sex. Engaging with real live girls, had a huge impact of how many men felt about porn and other kinds of extra marital relief.


Perhaps a BOLD statement for some to hear but in the main it’s true. Someone, somewhere fancies the pants off every single women on the planet.

Big Tits, Small Boobs, Long Legs, Big Butt, Plus Size, Skinny, Glamorous, Girl Next Door, In her 20’s and 40+. Each and every one destined to be adored, a few will be in your dreams. Maybe even perhaps one for your Wank Bank

Just take a look at all these beauties, every one of them different and every one of them loved, adored and worshipped by their doting fans.


Join one of them now and let them make your fantasy a reality!

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