The Domination Manual


Domination, in the context of human relationships and particularly within the realm of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism), refers to a consensual power dynamic where one person takes on a dominant role while the other assumes a submissive role. It involves the exercise of control, authority, or influence by the dominant partner over the submissive partner in various aspects of their relationship, often including sexual activities.

This genre figures very highly on many people’s fantasy and role play list. However, when you delve into what it actually means, you come up with an absolute plethora of sub-categories.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with understanding it all, you’ve definitely come to the right place. I’m going to guide you through the basics of Domination techniques, which will enhance your career on cam.

Characters and Themes

A successful Dominatrix rarely switches from Mistress to the Cutesy Girl Next Door. That doesn’t however mean, there can never be any role play that follows a particular fantasy. It has more to do with the continuation of a theme and staying in character.

A Sub will generally already have a deep-seated fantasy in their mind. A Mistress will find out what that fantasy is and how far the Sub is prepared to yield. It’s always important to know where the boundaries are, from the start.

Key Elements of Domination

Key elements of domination may include:

  1. Consent: The foundation of any BDSM activity is informed and enthusiastic consent from all involved parties. Both the dominant and submissive partners willingly agree to their respective roles and activities.
  2. Power Exchange: Domination typically involves a transfer of power from the submissive to the dominant partner. The submissive partner consents to surrendering control or authority within predetermined boundaries.
  3. Control: The dominant partner often directs and dictates the course of activities, whether they are sexual or non-sexual. This control can manifest in various ways, such as through commands, rules, or restrictions.
  4. Bondage and Discipline: Domination can include elements of bondage (restraining the submissive partner) and discipline (establishing rules and administering punishments or rewards based on behavior).
  5. Sadism: Some dominants derive pleasure from inflicting controlled pain or discomfort on their submissive partners, provided it is within pre-established limits and boundaries and is consensually agreed upon.
  6. Masochism: Submissive partners may enjoy receiving pain or discomfort, again within mutually agreed-upon limits. This is often referred to as masochism.
  7. Psychological Aspects: Domination can also involve psychological aspects, such as role-playing, humiliation (with consent and limits), and the use of verbal commands to heighten the power dynamic.

It’s important to emphasize that BDSM activities, including domination, are consensual and should always prioritize safety and communication. Participants should establish clear boundaries, use safe words or signals to indicate when to stop, and regularly check in with each other to ensure everyone’s well-being and comfort.

Domination, like any other aspect of human sexuality, varies greatly from one relationship to another and is shaped by the preferences, limits, and boundaries of the individuals involved.

Worship and Adoration

The Domination Manual

Probably the most common themes in Domination scenarios. Mistresses can command worship for any part of their body and can also include their clothing and attire.

Foot worship is one of the most popular. This can range from the submissive providing their Mistress with adoring remarks about her feet or shoes, to full on worship with their tongue and mouth. It can include Stockings, Tights, Heels, Boots, Toes and Dirty Feet. Each Sub will have their own specific idea of their ideal fantasy.

Ass worship and Queening (Sitting on your subs face) are also high on the list of top requests by subs. Some may require restraint prior to you performing the act, others may be more willing. There is often arousal from the female scent in these scenarios the covering of their nose and mouth may just be the final act before they come.


Punishment will generally involve some element of pain, even if it simply means not allowing your Sub to ejaculate.

On Cam, instructing your Sub to perform acts on themselves, which result in pain is an easy way to make use of the virtual arena. This can involve spanking, pinching, binding, pegging, slapping and restraining.

Do however be careful about any restrictions which may be in place on the website you are performing on. Most cam sites have rules and regulations regarding any acts or depictions that are not allowed on Cam.

This is normally due to the fact they are illegal in the country concerned and you should pay very, special attention to these restrictions. You may end up with more than a ban from the site and the loss of your earnings!


This niche normally revolves around an insecurity held by the sub. He may believe he has a small penis and request SPH (Small Penis Humiliation). He could be particularly short or perhaps fat. Subs who are looking for humiliation will normally tell you straight away.

There are a number of interesting ways to deal out humiliation.

SPH involves constant questioning on how they expect to satisfy their Mistress with such a small, worthless penis.

JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) allows a Mistress to control when the sub is allowed to ejaculate. This can be by enforced restriction, such as a Chastity Cage or through simple instruction. This form of humiliation is normally enacted through many sessions, with the sub following strict instructions from his Mistress.

CEI (Cum Eating Instructions) can be a fetish or a humiliating act for the sub. Very few guys are able to reach their penis with their mouth and therefore suitable containers for ‘Cum Collection’ are usually required. The sub may be required to ingest the cum immediately, or to save it up until there is a suitable amount to drink.

Sissy Training can fall into this category, depending upon how the guy perceives himself as a woman. If he fantasizes about being caught in his wife’s/sisters panties, he is most likely looking for some form of admonishment. If however, he feels extremely turned on by wearing fishnet stockings or women’s clothing, humiliation isn’t the answer.

Forcing a guy to dress up as a woman (in most cases very badly) is the ultimate Sissy Training technique. Enforcing how ridiculous they look can often have the desired effect.

Mistresses Love Respect

Most important of all is respect. Your subs should give you oodles of it and without compromise. Willingness to perform and obey is key and it should always be at your pace.

Enjoy your experiences as a Mistress and don’t be afraid to direct the action.

I’ll be back soon with Part 2 of The Domination Manual.

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Stay Safe

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