The Lifeguard

Have you ever wished you’d spoken up when you had the opportunity? I know I have, and on more than one occasion! So, I decided that the next time a positive situation presented itself to me, I was going to embrace it fully.

The opportunity arrived much sooner than I anticipated. It turned out to be completely amazing and I can’t keep it to myself a minute longer. I’ve just got to tell you what happened.

It’s all because I love swimming. There’s a nice pool close to my office and there’s nothing I enjoy more after a hard day’s work than a sauna and a relaxing swim. I feel so great afterwards. But yes, you’re guessing right – the other reason I go, is because of the lifeguard. He’s tall, has thick brown hair and broad shoulders. I can’t help looking at him when I swim my laps.

Ooh and that Ass!

Sometimes I imagine I’m Pamela Anderson. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly built like her, if you know what I mean, but my regular exercise has given me a body that I’m quite proud of. Anyway, for weeks now I’ve been watching my dream hunk in his red shorts and his white T-shirt. Yes, you guessed right again, I’m a hopeless romantic caught up in a beautiful daydream.

Since he’s so handsome you might wonder why I’ve never talked to him. But see, he never looks at me. Why should he? I’m sure he’s used to the women at the pool staring at him all day and is bored by it. And I’m certain he has a girlfriend, men that gorgeous are always taken (often by other men).

Until yesterday I just dreamed of how great it would be to get to know this man. But on my way to the pool I gave myself a stern lecture. “Stop acting like a little girl” I said to myself. “You’ve got nothing to lose, say something to him, anything!” I decided to take the plunge and invite him for a drink that evening.

Creating the Moment

As I undressed in the changing room I looked at myself in the mirror. Why shouldn’t he fancy me? My figure isn’t perfect but I looked pretty good. But then I thought that perhaps he would reject me anyway. What would he say? Would he pity me? What if he laughed? What should I say to him? I started to lose my nerve.

Finally, I forced myself to go down to the pool and he was there sitting on his high chair, looking like the most incredible male model. I was ready to run away but I thought “now or never” and walked up to him clutching my towel in front of me. Just as I reached his chair – guess what? – I slipped on the wet tiles and fell on my bottom. Ouch! Before I could get up, I felt two strong hands on my waist. “Are you okay?” It was my man!

I managed a smile even though my pride and my bottom were a little bruised, and said “Yeah, I’m fine.” I’d never been so close to him before – his eyes were deep blue like the ocean. His skin bronzed and his toned body touching me.

The Magic Spark

So, there I was in the arms of the one I’d been dreaming about for months. “I’ve been wanting to talk to you,” we both said at the same time. We laughed. “Really?” I asked. “I‘ve been watching you for weeks,” he said, “today I told myself that I mustn’t lose my chance to ask a beautiful woman like you out for a drink.” I couldn’t believe my ears. “I told myself the same thing just five minutes ago,” I said.

He looked relieved. I could tell that he had been as nervous as I’d been. He reached down and picked up my towel and gave it to me. “What about eight o’clock?” he said with a big smile. “I’ll help you soothe those bruises”.

I was absolutely ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see him that evening. I went for my usual swim and could feel his eyes following me around the pool. He blew me a little kiss just as I was leaving. “Until later” he said. And I thought, you just never know what goes on in a man’s mind, do you?

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