Virtual Desktop Sex

Is desktop sex something which now only happens in the real world? One thing is for certain, 2020 has seen a huge surge of people working from home. Many of which don’t have a home office, let alone a desk.

I wonder if indeed it’s still even a ‘thing’, or perhaps the whole practice has gone full circle. Are people in fact, having real sex on their desks whenever and wherever possible!

The 2 very important pointers in this area of sexual gratification are the exact opposite of each other. One designed to keep the workplace a safe environment, and the other enabling you to do anything (almost) anywhere!


This has become something of an issue for both the users and viewers of adult material. Especially to those who wish to prevent you from accessing such content. The creators of the content are being continually challenged by the site owners, as they keep changing the boundaries as to what is SFW and what isn’t.

Only recently did ‘wetness’ become a banned word on a certain social media site. This resulted in anyone wanting to utilise this word, in any context whatsoever, would not be allowed. Almost daily the content creators are presented with the list of current bans. However, alongside we see other content with stronger and more explicit images or wording.

We all want to protect minors, don’t we?

Obviously, many in the industry would argue that all material designed for adults should only be available to view by said adults. Unfortunately, although a number of countries, have attempted to implement some kind of protection for minors, most haven’t managed to instigate anything satisfactory.

In fact, the only thing most can agree on, is that they do wish to protect minors from accessing content which is not suitable for general viewing. However, what we have instead is some of the biggest internet companies in the world, offering free to view porn. At the same time, the major banks are cutting their links with anything porn related.

What does this mean? Well, much of the PPV porn will be driven underground and the rest (especially the free porn) will no doubt find its way onto various social media platforms that do not have adequate age control options on their sites. The big business owners won’t be affected, as they’ll just move straight on to the next big money-making product!

Porn on the Go

Being able to access pornographic material anywhere you have an internet connection is pretty much standard these days. Some businesses have put safeguards on their systems which mean that unless it’s SFW, you’re unlikely to be able to access. Welcome to the world of VPN and the ability to access pretty much anything, anywhere and at any time.

This means you are quite likely to ‘accidentally’ see porn via someone else’s smart phone whilst sitting behind them on the bus. They could be sitting right next to you, ‘fully engaged’ without you even realising.

Mobile/Smartphone access

Many cam sites now offer models the option to use their broadcast services via a smart phone, resulting in models being able to engage with their fans from wherever they are. What is not made clear is how either party can participate either verbally or visually to the extent they require. Nor does it take into account, the privacy and safety of either party involved in such a public broadcast.

In fact I strongly advise you read the articles on Privacy and Safety already published for an insight on what things you should be mindful of in this scenario.

I’ll be back with more insights into the world of Cam very soon. In the meantime, stay safe!

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