Spit Roasted To Perfection

I’ve always wanted to have the experience of sex with two guys. Mmm the thought of being fucked by two delicious pricks at the same time gets me so lovely and creamy. After much thought, I decided I was definitely going to arrange it, so it was no longer just a fantasy.

One of the guys I chose is very masculine. I’ve shagged him quite a few times before, he’s very athletic and strong. He has got amazing stamina, and also very masterful. The other one is very charming; he makes me feel so relaxed. I knew this was going to work because I’ve looked forward to it for so long (and I fancy them both like mad and know they’re both a really good screw individually).

Fancy a 3-Some?

I had already mentioned that I fancied this threesome thing and I knew they were both up for it. So, I got them to come round and while they were waiting downstairs, Then I went to get myself ready to make sure I really wanted to look the part. On goes my black lacy underwear and a pair of very high heeled shoes. I needed to make sure that I looked as sexy (or rather slutty) as possible.

Dressing like a Slut

I felt like a dirty, fucking whore and wanted to look and behave like one too. My lips were painted with a really, dark shade of red, with some lovely gloss on top and I made sure I had lots of eye make up on. They both love the un-tameable sort of woman. One who really loves to have a good fuck anywhere and everywhere.

We had a drink and started to feel a bit more relaxed. I then got them both to sit on the couch with me sitting in-between them. Then I started to rub myself seductively against them, spreading my legs wide apart. Slowly, rubbing a thigh up against each of them. Soon I started to kiss one of the guys passionately, while the other was sliding his hands down my body. He was feeling every inch of me with his masculine hands.

Increased Arousal

My nipples were hardening as his fingers squeezed them. At first it was only gentle stroking and caressing. Then it became more intense and more urgent, until I could feel myself getting so aroused. I didn’t think I was going to hold on, my juices were starting to seep out and I could feel them dribbling down to the crack of my arse.

My knickers were now soaking and being pulled to the side, while a tongue licked and sucked away. Mmmmm. I was unfastening his trousers by now and could feel a nice stiff cock about to spring out. I began to feel a head pressing into my thighs and I let me legs open up as wide as they would go. Once I released this huge throbbing cock, I felt like such a dirty bitch and knew I was in for a really good time.

Just then my pussy felt a hot wet tongue start to explore its inner depths flicking all around mmm. What a lovely long tongue it was too, licking into every crevice. Oh wow… “it tastes so good” he said as he looked up at me. I’m so wet and I could feel his velvet tongue on my clitoris. It was driving me crazy. Especially as there’s nothing I like better than having a good licking mmm and he certainly knew where to lick. He licks me faster and faster, pushing a couple of fingers up inside of me at the same time. More and more …. mmmm until I am screaming with ecstasy.

2 Cocks at the Same Time

They are both groaning with pleasure now, my hand is pumping this big rigid cock with all its might while the sucking continues. I change the rhythm and start to use circular motions on his prick. Up and down my hand goes, I know he wants me now. He pulls me up and pushes me down onto the floor. I really didn’t care what they did to me.

He tears off the rest of my underwear and forces himself on top of me. His big fat erection resting on my tits and my legs are spread as wide as can be. I want them so much, I want to be shagged right now and I don’t care which one goes first, I just need fucking!

I’ve got fingers pumping inside me, mmm slurping away as I’m so wet. Mmmm I’m loving every minute of it. As my juices start to cover my thighs, one of them picks me up and turns me over. His hard cock slides straight in-between my cheeks and finds my juicy fuck hole. He rams his cock really deep into me with one thrust, making me gasp. Fuck me … he’s so big and hard. Oh fuck me…yes fuck me right now…harder and faster…fuck my pussy…aaahhh.

Time for a Spit Roast Special

The other guy has come in front of me and is offering me his big cock to suck into my mouth. How could I refuse? This is what I’ve always wanted, a double penetration. Mmmm one in each end at the same time. I open my mouth greedily and suck on him. His cock pushes right into my mouth; he felt so hard, I’m sure he’s going to come any second.

The other one grabs my arse and slaps my cheeks and pushes himself in even deeper. He’s pumping in and out of my slippery cunt as hard as he can, banging his balls up against me with each stroke. Mmm I’m being fucked from both ends and I love it…ohh yess, the best spit roast ever… Both of you give it to me…take me right now. Fuck me so good and hard. Mmmm I can feel them working their way into a real frenzy. I’m sure I’ll be getting a load of spunk any second. Here it comes now…oh yess… fill my mouth and my cunt with your spunk …… oooohhhhhh YES!

Mmm now you know why I love double penetration, mmm fucking with two men together means double the spunk. Just think, next time it could be you!

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Get relieved now!

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