Why Become A Web Cam Model?

The main reason for models to start on Web Cam is the ability to earn good money and to work from home. But is it really that easy?

Let’s start by looking at what you’ll need to be able to do the job.

The Basics

  • First and foremost, you’ll need a decent pc/laptop (or for some sites a good smart phone).
  • A reliable internet connection is required (and that includes upload and download speeds – you can check this with your supplier).
  • A reasonable web cam (inbuilt are ok but won’t give you the kind of quality you need to make good money).
  • A quiet, private area for you to cam from, with reasonable lighting.

What to expect
Before you rush in and sign up to the first Cam site that offers you the opportunity of making thousands, you need to make sure you really understand what you are signing up for. Remember ‘All that glitters is not always gold’. It’s unlikely you’ll be driving around in your dream car or taking that luxury holiday anytime soon!

Like any job, it’s going to involve hard work and some very tough decisions on occasions. Being your own boss requires a lot of discipline and can bring a lot of pressure. But for those who are prepared, the end result can be extremely satisfying.

Being able to work the hours that suit and in some cases even having the option to work while away from home (such as on holiday) is great! Making decisions about your own future is a complete game changer for many.

First Things First

The first thing you should do is RESEARCH! The more you know about the subject, the better equipped you are from the start. You can find lots of information about camming online. Most of the good Cam sites have information about their service on the site.

Some models prefer to go through an agency as quite often they provide the support and flexibility you may need. They usually have an in-depth knowledge of many of the top sites. Also, they often have professional relationships with the ones they work closely with.

It is important to remember that you will probably be working in a self-employed capacity. This means, you are able to work for more than one company/site. You should always seek advice from a tax advisor or professional accountant, as you will have to declare ALL your earnings.

Getting Started

Once you’ve decided which sites or agencies you would prefer to work with, it’s time to think about your on-line profile. Under NO circumstances should you rush this phase. Once you have made up your mind, it can be difficult or impossible to make changes.

It’s a good idea to take a look at the 2 articles about Privacy and On-Line Safety before making any key decisions.

You’ll need to provide some pictures for your profile and also for your public gallery. Remember, once these pictures have been published there is no going back. So, be sure to spend the time at the start making sure they are right. They don’t need to be professional and, in some cases, you don’t even have to show your face. However, do make sure you have reviewed them thoroughly before posting.

It’s a good idea to practise taking selfies as these are a great way of ensuring you can keep your profile up to date and fresh. You can even produce some short selfie videos to keep your fans happy.

Going On-Line for the First Time

Most sites have a Help section and it’s an invaluable resource for those who are new to camming or new to the site. Spending some time going through it first will give you a huge advantage. You don’t want to tell the person you are camming with that you don’t know how to do x, y or z and ask them to come back later. They won’t bother – believe me!

The first time you go on-line is going to be very daunting for many and the absolute best thing to do is RELAX! Easy to say for sure but once you’ve been on-line a few more times, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. It’ll be second nature and when you see those £’s clocking up, you’ll realise it was all worth it.

I’ll be back soon with some more help and advice about what to actually say and do on Cam.

Stay Safe!

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