Confessions of a Cam Girl – Tania D.

I’ve spent many hours on cam and met with some great people. I just wanted to say that it’s not always about sex, boobs and masturbating. I’ve been on one of the biggest Cam sites for quite a while. I’ve experienced pretty much every type of guy (and girl) you can imagine.

I had this one guy from the USA, who for about a year used to call me up every day around breakfast time and we would spend an hour just talking about what plans he had for the day and what I was going to be doing, just the normal things, meetings, errands, shopping etc.

On some days, he’d call back again in the evening when he had got home from work, just for a chat, an update and to have a laugh. We’d talk about everything from the day’s news to his next door neighbour’s complaints, about his latest house extension.

He used to tip me all the time, send me the most amazing gifts and never once did we talk about anything sexual. The only demand he ever made to me, was to be with him totally, in Private. Quite possibly one of my biggest fans (and spenders) to date, just proving it’s not always about guys wanting to see your tits and ass .

I’m totally with Tania on that score!

Love Carla x

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