Emilia T Confessions of a Cam Girl

The thing I enjoy most about working as a model? It has made me a very driven and independent woman. I work hard to ensure I can secure as much of the future as possible. I’m proud to say, I have my own car, lovely apartment and I’ve been able to enjoy some amazing holidays.

I’m in my 10th year of being a Cam Model and no stranger to being in front of a camera. However, nowadays it’s normally just me and my camera in the room. Technology has given me the freedom to be my own boss. One of the best bits is that if I don’t like a piece of film or shot that I’ve taken, I can delete it. There is absolutely no fear that it is going to turn up anywhere, anytime ever!

We’ll be back with Emilia again soon for an in-depth look at some of her fans naughtiest confessions.

Love Carla x

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