Carla Sez Confessions of a Cam Girl

My name is Carla. I’d like to give you an insight into some of the Ups (and Downs) of what it’s like starting out as a Cam Girl. My experience Is pretty much like many others. Except that, when I started out the only real option was to go and work for a studio. It was easy, as they had all the equipment but more importantly they had the contacts to get your profile noticed on line.

In the Beginning

Although things didn’t start off so well for me, I’d like to tell you how I was helped to blossom, in this amazing world of Camming. Although I was shy, the first studio I went to signed me up on the spot. It was only when I started working for them, I realised what I’d let myself in for. The working conditions were bad and no matter how many hours I worked, sometimes, I still ended up owing more than I earned. I lost my confidence, my job and money.

Some Friendly Advice

I spoke to a few friends about what had happened and one suggested I try again. They recommended a different studio which had luxury stamped all over it. Although not convinced, I needed to give it one more try. I was absolutely amazed when I arrived for my interview. I’d heard of the studio before. Although they were not necessarily the highest paid models, everyone there seemed to be happy. I still didn’t believe I would be considered good enough for them. It took some convincing and one to one training, to show me the way forward.

Glamour and Confidence

My first week was a bit of a whirl-wind – hair, make-up, clothing, accessories, beauty treatments, photographers and video shoots. Everything and anything to make me feel glamorous. It worked like a dream. The confidence I was shown, the help, guidance and mentoring I received at the start, has made me who I have become today. Thankyou sooo much (you know who you are) xxx

There are a number of excellent articles on this site providing support and advice. Please feel free to read any or all of them and do get in touch if you’ve got something to say or if there is anything you’d like to see.

Love Carla x

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