Do Cam models and Content creators really need their own special community and why? Does it really help, or does it simply evolve into a place where people troll their angsts against companies and individuals?

Here is an insight into what is perhaps the most well-known Community and Forum for Cam Girls, Guys and Content Creators. It offers impartial advice and lots of useful resource to workers in these sectors, world-wide.

Having been a member for just under a year, I wanted to get the low down from them on what they offer and how it all works. I met up with Tristan from WeCamgirls and got some insider information to share with you.

How long has WeCamgirls been running for now and what made you set it up initially?

We started WeCamgirls in March 2012, so the site has been live for more than 9 years. The idea started in 2011. One day a friend of ours, who is a former webcam girl, talked about her online experiences. When we asked her what she thought was the most inconvenient thing about being a cam girl, she said two things.

The first one was obvious; She didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t talk to a lot of people about what she was doing for a living. The second thing she said was a bit of a surprise. She said that not being able to talk to others about what she did, resulted in boredom.

Loneliness and the resulting boredom that can arise from pursuing this kind of career is well known now, especially for those who work from home. It’s not often that different for those working in studio’s as they too spend much of their time on their own.

Yes, that’s true. At the time, it took a couple of months for the information to settle and then we had the idea. What if we build a community website, just for webcam models? We knew there were lots of models and at least some of them might be having similar problems.

We have experience with building communities and forums, so the concept was not something we hadn’t done before. The cam world however, was something we didn’t have experience with. It took a while before the ball started to roll, but after a few months WeCamgirls started to grow.

Now, 9 years later there are almost 30,000 active cam models and I’m really proud that we’ve succeeded at building a community that a lot of people can call home.

How many people are on your team, running the site?

It’s just Rutger (he’s on the left in the pic) and I running the site at the moment. Rutger does the programming and I help our members when they have questions. We also have a team of moderators (usually 2 or 3) that help with model verification and keep track of any potentially dodgy people.

You mentioned, ‘dodgy’ people. How do you manage to keep the forum and site free from the ‘bitching’ you can sometimes find on Camming Forums?

Well, I’m happy to say that most of the time the site regulates itself. We have far less issues than I’d expected. Like I said before, building communities is what we do, so we knew what we were getting into. However on WeCamgirls there is a lot of mutual respect.

We have moderators that can correct posts or members and of course Rutger and I do some of the correction sometimes, but generally speaking it is a site with a great atmosphere.

What was your original aim for the site and has that policy changed?

The goal of WeCamgirls has always been to create a safe place for models to hang out. The first part was the forum, but we started to add new tools and features right away. We don’t use standard forum software. The front-end and backend of WeCamgirls is something we’ve created from scratch. This gives us a lot of flexibility trying out new styles and options.

One of the most popular features of the site besides the forum are the reviews. You’ll find more than 4000 real reviews (camsites / clip and vid sites etc.), written by verified models. It makes WeCamgirls unique.

Of course, when you google camsite+review you will find other reviews, but these are all from the customer’s perspective. They are generally looking for something completely different in a camsite.

What does the site offer businesses, individual cammers and adult workers and what can they expect to gain from being a member on the site?

First of all, there are 3 different members types. There are NO “guests” and we DON’T allow customers. You can’t read the content of the forum if you don’t have an account. The content of the forum is NOT indexed by Google.

  1. Member (you’ve created an account, but have not been verified. You have limited access.)
  2. Model (you have been verified as a model and have full access. You get an orange check mark on your profile)
  3. Representative (you have been verified as an official rep for a specific cam business. You have still limited access (like a standard member), but you get a green checkmark on your profile and you are allowed to reply on reviews written about your site.

Most of the cam and clip sites have an official rep on the site. For the models, this is a direct and fast line to model managers. For business owners it’s a great way to discuss their cam site, listen to suggestions or promote a new feature.

WeCamgirls is free to use for cam models. When you are verified as a cam model you have full access to all the options. There are a few forums out there, but one of the biggest differences is, is that this is a “closed” community and that we don’t allow customers. When you don’t have an account, you can’t read anything on the forum. Even a standard member has only limited access to the forum.

It sounds like a very independent community which is safe for models and somewhere they can make friends with like-minded people.

Yes, WeCamgirls is an independent and autonomous community website for camgirls where customers are not allowed. A place where there are single minded people and no trolls. They can talk about shopping, what they had for breakfast or philosophy, everything is possible. It’s possible to discuss earnings, websites or regulars. Read reviews or write reviews. Learn, get advice and have fun. That is what WeCamgirls is all about.

Has the site (or your direction) changed during the past 12 months and do you have any specific plans for ‘We Cam Girls’ during the next 12 to 18 months?

The site is always changing. We recently gave the site a new design and rewrote the code for the back-end to be prepared for the future. We always try to think of things to make it easier to use, making it faster and better to interact with each other. The site started out as a forum, but currently it has many aspects. I would describe it as a mix between a social network, forum and review site. I.e. a true community website. 

We are always looking for content/information/experiences about specific niches. 

Since our most recent upgrade, the majority of the current work is fine tuning and optimizing. We don’t have any fixed plans for the coming months, but when somebody comes up with a fun idea, we’re more than happy to try it out. 

So, there you have it. Go and check it out and join up. Don’t forget, it’s completely FREE to join.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Tristan. He’s more than happy to help and answer any queries you may have.

Stay Safe!

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